Demi Mol
Demi Mol
a speculative study of an abstract mass
How to generate a new narrative coming from materials observed from a curated location. “We have created a display showcasing each individual element, hoping to illustrate the technology of this species. This could help us to see rudimentary materials in a different light, adjusting them to our technology somehow. This field study is changing the way we build and approach materials, bringing us to a new era. This study is a speculative study of an abstract mass.”

In collaboration with Maryse Poels, Candela Gonzalez and Juliette Keyser

Installation with Publication, 2020
eight centimetres

What happens if we start looking at every pattern in our environment as a possible information carrier? Eight centimetres is a performance-movie about the daily data we receive compared to the tectonic plates shifting and moving data each year.

Performance based Movie and written script, 2019


Autofill is an Performance based work about the connection between the human and the computer. Can we let go of the logic? By making people react on each other without thinking we made several algorithmic stories based on your autocorrection function on your phone. Watch the entire video of the performance here.

Performance, 2019

“An ode to the uncomfortable. That what we call emotions”

Photography collaboration with Nora Taher about how we deny what we feel and how we hide that.

Pictures and book design, 2018
A performance video based on the patterns we drown in. While experiencing myself holding on to unrealistic standards I felt like I was fading, slowly in repetitive behaviour. Watch the entire video of the performance here.

Performance, 2020
the white box
Redesign of the second issue of Aspen magazine, The white box. The concept of the book design is based on it's name. The white background makes the imagery in the book flow and take the lead for the text to follow. We wanted to create a poetic family album feel.

A collaboration with Demi van Venrooij
Book Design, 2020
Hey, babes.
Me and my close friend Doga, communicateon a daily basis. We communicate offline and online. But the unusual part is that our personal stuff mostly is communicated trough the online world, personally for me I feel more comfortable there. I know Doga feels that too. How can this comfort become permanent?

Coming soon
ik reflecteerde
A snippet of an ephemeral performance in which you could only read the full text by visiting it for 7 days in a row. Each window shared a sentence from the story every evening. A story based on social distancing and the need to be seen. If you would walk by from monday until sunday, the story would be completely shared with you.

7 days performance, 2020